LottoTry™ Instructions

Choose Browsers

Google Chrome would be the best recommended browser to use for LottoTry™. FireFox is also recommended.

How to Access the Tools & Stats

As a member, once you logged in, you will be redirected to LottoTry™ main page where all tools and statistics are locating as shown in figure below. You can also click Tools & Stats button on main navibar and choose either pop up a new tab/window or stay on same tab/window. Both will bring you to the Tools & Stats lotto main sreen.

How to Play the Tools

Choose a tab inside of the main screen for a tool or statistics. Before you play around those tools or stats, make sure read/watch each one's guide document and the video clips first. Those document/video clips can be found under Guides button on menu bar.
A drop down list for each Docs and Video Clips submenus would show up and each of the selection itmes maps exactly to those shown under Tools & Stats main screen (displayed as tabs). On each tool or stat there is also on-page explanation about current tool or stat. To see the details click detail link which will expand whole text.
Normally, user would need to open multiple windows one for each tool/stat in order to do cross-reference and comparison back and forth.
Whenever you need to open a new tool or statistics stimilar to one shown above, click Popup New Window under Tools & Stats button on navigation bar.
Some of the statistics need wider view which can not be held completely by whole screen, and you need to scroll them back and forth.
In tools, such like Predict Draws, Auto Draws and Potential Draws, there is submit button for each of them, each time you click on it, that would update the data in that table. Be careful not to click those buttons too fast, wait for for the sake of server's response time.

About the Guides

The Guides holds all detailed instructions, screenshots and explanations on how to use each of the tools and statistics, as well as lottory sites links. After going through all of them, it is guaranteed that you use LottoTry™ tools and statistics more proficientely and take advantage of it thoroughly.

About the Video Clips

Video clips capture those screens of LottoTry™ tools and stats in motion plus the audio explanation on how to understand each tools/stats. Video clips may be your first step in getting start with LottoTry™ tools and stats. So go and watch those Vedio Clips first before you doing anything else with LottoTry™.
Good luck!