About LottoTry™

LottoTry™ is a unique web based Lotto statistics, analysis tools. With LottoTry™, you can play multiple lotteries as following:

  1. BC/49, British Columbia, Canada
  2. British Lotto - UK
  3. California Super Lotto Plus - CA, USA
  4. California Super Lotto Plus - Mega, CA, USA
  5. Colorado Lotto, Colorado, USA
  6. Connecticut 6/44 Lotto - Connecticut, USA
  7. Euro Millions - LuckyStars, Europe
  8. Euro Millions, Europe
  9. EuroJackpot, Europe
  10. EuroJackpot_Euros - Euros, Europe
  11. Florida Fantasy 5 Lotto - Florida, USA
  12. Florida Lotto, Florida, USA
  13. Florida Lucky Money, Florida, USA
  14. Germany Lotto 64/9 + B - Germany
  15. Lotto 6/49, Canada
  16. Lotto Max, Canada
  17. Mega Millions - MegaBall, USA
  18. Mega Millions, USA
  19. New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto - New Jersey, USA
  20. New York Lotto, New York, USA
  21. New York Sweet Million, New York, USA
  22. New York Take 5 - New York, USA
  23. Oregon Megabucks - Oregon, USA
  24. OZLotto Monday Lotto - Australia
  25. OZLotto Saturday Lotto - Australia
  26. OZLotto Tuesday - Australia
  27. OZLotto Wednesday Lotto - Australia
  28. Power Ball - PowerBall, USA
  29. Power Ball, USA
  30. Texas Cash Five - Texas, USA
  31. 七乐彩, China Seven Lotto
  32. 双色球 - 红色球, China
  33. 双色球 - 蓝色球, China
  34. 超级大乐透 - 前区号码, China
  35. 超级大乐透 - 后区号码, China

LottoTry™ provides statistics, analysis tools for those dedicated, serious Lotto players to analyze, predict, guess next comming draw and narrow down the scope of selectable numbers and filter out those 'dead' numbers.
LottoTry™ also provides tools to auto-generate numbers for the users as a valuable reference which much better than quick-pick by lotto retailers. It enables players to re-generate numbers freely and repeatedly until they are satisfied.
Though, LottoTry™ never promise or guarantee its members to win any prices, however, LottoTry™ does improve its members' chances in winning any breakdown prices even jackpot.
Once you master the tools and thoroughly analysis those statistics, you will find out that to win the jackpot of a lottery is not a dream any more.