What is LottoTry™

LottoTry™ is a unique web (online) based lottery analysis, prediction, guess and rich statistics software tool, LottoTry™ provides data history and displays user-friendly views for analysis of multiple lotteries.
LottoTry™ is a service provider, which provides amount of statistics and auto generating tools to facilitate player analysis, guessing and predicting future draws and improve player's chances of winning lotteries. Most importantly LottoTry™ is a FREE online (web) based lotto website.
With LottoTry™ you can play multiple major Lotteries across North America, Europe, Australia as well as China, such as:

  1. BC/49, British Columbia, Canada
  2. British Lotto - UK
  3. California Super Lotto Plus - CA, USA
  4. California Super Lotto Plus - Mega, CA, USA
  5. Colorado Lotto, Colorado, USA
  6. Connecticut 6/44 Lotto - Connecticut, USA
  7. DailyGrand - GrandNumber, Canada
  8. DailyGrand, Canada
  9. Euro Millions - LuckyStars, Europe
  10. Euro Millions, Europe
  11. EuroJackpot, Europe
  12. EuroJackpot_Euros - Euros, Europe
  13. Florida Fantasy 5 Lotto - Florida, USA
  14. Florida Lotto, Florida, USA
  15. Florida Lucky Money, Florida, USA
  16. Germany Lotto 64/9 + B - Germany
  17. Lotto 6/49, Canada
  18. Lotto Max, Canada
  19. Mega Millions - MegaBall, USA
  20. Mega Millions, USA
  21. New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto - New Jersey, USA
  22. New York Lotto, New York, USA
  23. New York Sweet Million, New York, USA
  24. New York Take 5 - New York, USA
  25. Oregon Megabucks - Oregon, USA
  26. OZLotto Monday Lotto - Australia
  27. OZLotto Saturday Lotto - Australia
  28. OZLotto Tuesday - Australia
  29. OZLotto Wednesday Lotto - Australia
  30. Power Ball - PowerBall, USA
  31. Power Ball, USA
  32. Texas Cash Five - Texas, USA
  33. 七乐彩, China Seven Lotto
  34. 双色球 - 红色球, China
  35. 双色球 - 蓝色球, China
  36. 超级大乐透 - 前区号码, China
  37. 超级大乐透 - 后区号码, China

What LottoTry™ can do for You

LottoTry™ provides various statistics from different perspectives. You can easily figure out what those potential numbers may appear in the next draw after researching, analyzing Statistics 1 - 7. You also can use LottoTry™ tools, such as Predict Draws, Auto Draws and Potential Draws to auto generate numbers with different combination.
These generated numbers are not just simply random generated from 49 numbers (in case of 649) as they used to be done by lotto retailers. They are generated from a group of potential numbers which would filter out those "dead" numbers and selected from a complex processing via proprietary algorithms. You can generate numbers again and again until you satisfy. For the details how each of those tools and statistics work, refer to Docs and Video Clips under Guides link found on menu bar.
Even then these numbers still don't guarantee you win, you need to do the cross-reference of those statistics above mentioned to further refine these generated numbers in order to sort out the best candidates for the next coming draw. Another appealing feature that LottoTry™ provides is that you can freely tune/calibrate variables that might affect the generated results significantly. Hence, users can enjoy the high degree of freedom in generating random numbers on their own way, rather than laying their fate on hands of lotto retailers.
Always keep in mind that you are dealing with highly randomness in nature and the jackpot hit probability is 1:13,983,816 in case of 649. Only tools like LottoTry™ can improve your chances in winning breakdown prices, even jackpot.

Who can Benefit from LottoTry™

If you are a smart, intelligent and dedicated lotto player, LottoTry™ is the right tools you want to check out. To those who are getting used of random-picking lotto numbers, LottoTry™ is also good choice to select random number by yourself. As mentioned above, you can generate numbers with different combinations again and again until you satisfy with the number generated along with tuning corresponding variables when you think necessary.
LottoTry™ provides analysis tools, visual statistics, up-to-date data source but how wisely use them and benefit to you will be highly up to your decision. In order to make the best decision, you need to accumulate your experiences and skills on analyzing those statistics and tools. Therefore, you also has to be a serious, dedicated player believing one day, you will win a jackpot in your lifetime.

What else You can do with LottoTry™

You can practice your skills with LottoTry™ in picking right numbers - because eventually, you have to pick numbers yourself. You can do simulations on targeting any past draws. You can also discover certain trends or patterns hide in the history of numbers. And those trends and patterns may have happened repeatedly in the past, then why not will they happen again in future? In order to accumulate your skills and experiences, you can enter a past draw number as target draw and pretending they are unknown and do the exactly same analysis and prediction. Then compare the results with the real one retrieved from database. This may cost your some time but do improve your skills enormously and save your money, most importantly have a fun.
Once you master the tools and thoroughly analysis those statistics, you may find out that to win a jackpot is not a dream any more.

How to Register

Click Register on the menu bar and follow the steps will bring you all the way to be a member.
One important thing you need to keep in mind that this website is a free website and everyone can access the application after registration. The registration only requires you provide valid email addrss, full name, city and country. That's it.
Your private info will be kept secretly and won't be exposed to anyone without your consent. For the privacy, please read Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
Once you win a jackpot, as a result of utilizing LottoTry™ tools and statistics, you are not mandatory to share the price with us. But any amount of donation to support LottoTry™ will be absolutely welcome.
With the powerful LottoTry™ tools and statistics, you can make unthinkable to be thinkable.
Register to LottoTry™ NOW and it may change your life forever!